Newsletter – September 2016

As we have another competition coming up this weekend, I thought it appropriate to re-confirm some of the rules of competition.  Whilst some of the following have already been put on our website (under Useful Documents – Dressage Etiquette – What is it all about and some handy hints), please read the following carefully and if you need further information, please read your EA Rule Book.




As there are many horses warming up in a restricted area it is important that all riders understand the etiquette required in group riding. This ensures safe riding and achieves harmony in busy areas.

  • Safety is paramount and a collision should be avoided at all times.
  • When warming up try to avoid riding too close to another horse.  Please use your commonsense and don’t ride up another horse’s rump … you may well be kicked!
  • Whilst there are medium paces in the different tests, please do not gallop in the warm up areas.
  • Please do not warm up immediately behind the judge’s car.
  • Riders should pass left shoulder to left shoulder.
  • The more progressive gait has priority.
  • Lateral work has priority over all paces.
  • When circling, anticipate where you will be circling so as not stop the flow of other riders.
  • Check if you want to halt that there is no rider immediately behind you.
  • Mounting, dismounting and gear adjustment should be done away from the warm up area.  If leading your horse, please do not enter the warm-up area.
  • Consideration should be given to the behaviour of other horses in the area that may upset your horse.
  • It may be necessary if your horse is upsetting others to leave the area.
  • If a horse is upsetting the majority, an Official should be sought with a view to requesting that horse’s removal for safety’s sake.
  • Horses showing a large green disc either on their bridle or saddle cloth, indicates that this is a stallion, so please don’t ride too close, especially if you are on a mare.
  • Please present to the Gear Checker in the clothes and gear you will be competing in.  Once checked if you do return to your float, you must be gear checked again prior to your test.


  • You may only have one Caller.
  • Your Caller can stand either at E or B when riding on one of the outside arenas. Your caller should not stand between the arenas and facing the outside arena.  This can be confusing for the rider on the centre arena who may have a caller at either E or B.
  • The Caller may only call what is on the written test, but may call the movement twice.  However, the rider should not talk to the Caller once the test is commenced.
  • If anything other than what is on the test is called, it will be considered as instruction and the rider will be eliminated.
  • As per the procedure used at RDA Nationals, calling devices may only be used for a hearing impaired rider.  The rider must advise the Committee in writing and a committee member must stand beside the caller to ensure that only the test is called.


  • Spectators/photographers etc. must be a minimum of 10 metres from any arena and are not permitted to walk between the arenas.
  • Those that want to video or take photos must be either ten metres away from the entry or ten metres behind the judges car at C if the rider is in the middle arena.
  • If the rider is on either of the outer arenas, then the photographer may stand (ten metres away) on the outside of this arena (either at E or B) but not between two arenas.
  • When moving around the grounds please note that riders may be circling at A prior to entering their arena.  Please do not walk in between the rider and the arena.
  • Please ensure that children do not run around near the floats and the horses, and that dogs are on a leash at all times.


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